Toyota Hilux double Cab - 4pax Camper

Standard Features

8× Luggage Quantity
4× Persons
Transmission: Automatic
Free distance: Unlimited


Offpeak rates

peak rates

December – June

3-6 DAYS

7-14 DAYS

15+ DAYS

N$ 1900-00

N$ 1800-00

N$ 1700-00

July – November

3-6 DAYS

7-14 DAYS

15+ DAYS

N$ 2300-00

N$ 2150-00

N$ 2000-00

Vehicle Information
Accessories included:
2 x Spare Wheels.
Duel Battery System.
Double Fuel Tank.
Built-in 60liter Water Tank.
Roof rack.
2 x Tentco large 2.4meter roof tents.
Tire Pressure Monitor for your own safety.
4 x Sleeping Bags + 3 Duvets with sheets and 4 x Pillows.
Camping Table, Braaikit,2 Pax Cutlery Ammo box, 4 x Director Camping Chairs, Electric Shower, 1800Watt Electric Tire Pump, Broom, Spade, Wash Basin, Gas Cooker, Dish Clothes, 2 x Portable lights for the tents; Pots & Pans etc First Aid Kit.
Fire Extinguisher

All Vehicles are fitted with Hankook 10 Ply All Terrain tyres, for Maximum Safety and durability when travelling on Namibian gravel roads.


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